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thethirdtask's Journal

♥ the third task
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Welcome to the third task!

This is our (ninefifteen and cielnocturne) community for misc. scans (sometimes also screens). We'll post a lot of european scans from all kind of magazins, particulary from Germany and Norway. We also have scans from the rest of the world.

Members Only! You have to join the community to see the scans.

If you want to share the scans/screens with someone you always have to credit this community, THETHRIDTASK!!

Please leave a comment on the post if you take scans/screens! We want to know what you think about them and who takes them! :)

Please mail us if you need a scan/screen without the copyright! We'll send you the scan/screen without the copyright but you still have to credit us, it's even more important without the copyright!

We spend a lot of money for magazines, collecting them is our hobby. So please be honest and don't steal anything!

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